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Ps. I made this

Levanta a mão aí quem ama um DIY(do it yourself/ faça você mesmo)

Eu amo, poi isso só surtei quando descobri o blog Ps. i made this. Tem todo tipo de DIY para decoração de casa, bolsa, blusas tudo, dá só uma olhada:

De-tangle for a re-tangle.  Take note in women’s hair history and get inspired by styles that have swept us away for centuries.  Today’s modern day chick typically opts for the up do for special occasions, however that’s not the case anymore.  Time to treat everyday as a special occasion!  Thakoon showed intricate hairstyles with woven colored and textured materials up and down his runway.  More creative and eye-catching Fall/Winter trends: bold fabric combos.  The other “PS” love of our lives, Proenza Schouler gets the gold medal for taking printed fabrics and infusing together in unexpected, j’amazing ways.  Get inspired by these two trends and create style of your own, especially since the hair comb is making a comeback!   To create, Pick up hair combs from you local drug or beauty store.  I’m a huge Goody fan, personally! Rip pieces of cotton material into 1” strips.  Leave a little bit of a frayed edge will give you more texture.  If you want a cleaner look, cut your fabric strips with scissors.  P.S.- If you cant find fabric, cut up an old tee that may be lying around.  Double knot two 12” strips on one end of a tooth.  Weave the fabric in and out of the teeth, and repeat with the second piece.  Double knot both pieces together on the last tooth, and snip the ends.  You’re ready to rock the up do and adorn your hair with the ultimate DIY accessory.  Get creative with your hair style using bobby pins, and other styling tools for various looks.  P.S.- if you love to rock the high-bun, add a comb to the base of your top knot to top off!

Make your mark in the world… with a marker!  Introducing Stained by Sharpie.  Sharpie’s first ever fabric marker allows you to scribble, draw, color and stain the day away.  My love affair with the iconic brand is no secret.  I was honored by being chosen to “start something with Sharpie”, partnering in the exciting launch.  A DIY clutch was in order.  This season, everyone who’s anyone is joining the clutch craze.  It’s timeless, stylish, and wreaks of chic.  P.S.- CHECK OUT THE BEHIND THE SCENES CLUTCH CREATION VIDEO! To create a clutch using Stained by Sharpie, outline a canvas bag using a ruler for straight lines, and add your own desired details.   Begin shading in top flap and continue to fill in using different pressures to create a lighter or darker shade.  Use a ruler to measure equal lines and create quilted effect (Approx. 1”).  Outline diamond quilting and add stud.  Place studs where lines intersect, and add stitching detail with dotted straight lines around the border. Next, cut slit for grommets, aligning on both sides and hammer together. Purchase a grommet kit for this step.  Feed chain through all four grommets, using safety pin to join ends of chain (or simply connect with pliers).  Add a fun tassel and “stained” faux hardware inspired by the fab clutches seen on the runways this past season.  Finally, Glue a gem or bauble on for the finishing touch!  P.S.- A DIY CHALLENGE FOR YOU: START SOMETHING WITH A SHARPIE.  UPLOAD YOUR DESIGNS ON SHARPIE.COM!

Declare your Independence DIY Day!   From the backyard BBQ’s to  beach blow-outs,  boasting your red, white,  and blue for July 4th is the  thing to do!  Hand over heart, it’s all  about art- so get involved.   Create a cool, creative, and craftastic  centerpiece for your July 4th  fete.Its On: Draw your desired “vase” shape onto foam core -  available at most art stores, and office supply stores like STAPLES.   Be  sure to do a few practice sketches before taking to the foam core.   Get  creative with your shapes, sizes, and colors.  Mixing and matching will make an eclectic display.  Use a craft knife (be sure the blade is sharp!) and make slow,  steady,  and smooth slices on the “vase” outline.  Be sure you’re cutting  on a  board to protect the surface underneath.  If there are some shaggy  and not so clean edges, clean them up after your shapes are cut out.   Tape a  string (or ribbon) onto the back of your foam vase and secure it  to the  front of a container, by tying a secure knot or bow.   Re-purpose jars  from the kitchen, drinking glasses; whatever’s clever!   Fill the containers with sweet smelling fresh flowers and  display vases on a table for an unexpected and  delightful centerpiece.If you bleed red, white, & blue- I think this DIY is for you. God Bless amERICA!

P.S.- Dive into DIY this summer!  The weather is hot, and your accessories should be too.  This seasons attire is “Beach Chic”, so please dress accordingly.  Elie Tahari’s SS2011 Collection boasted a stunning and breezy beach wrap, which was the inspiration for this DIY.  Whether you’re beach-bound or bouncing around town, everyone needs a bevy of beaded necklaces.To create: reach for thin material/fabric, cut into long strips.  P.S.- the thinner, the better.  Cut strips, angling the top, pinch ends to thread beads through.  Classic pony beads are ideal and are available in a variety of colors.  Get creative with color combos and spacing to create a staggering look.  Make multiple strands for the ultimate summer statement necklace. P.S.- JOIN ME THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 11 AT ELIE TAHARI TO DIY THESE NECKLACES AND MORE J’AMAZING ACCESSORIES!  RSVP@ELIETAHARI.COM

She sells sea shells, by the sea shore!  In celebration of Memorial Day, millions of people are headed to warm climates that boast beach chic looks.  Keep your eyes peeled for prime summer styles influenced by the oceans. Marc Jacobs Starfish necklace and Ranjana Kahn’s spectacular statement shell necklace was a major inspiration for a sea-tastic DIY.  Wherever you’re off to this season, be sure to bring a bag to tote back any beach finds.  Shells, driftwood, sea glass… the world is your oyster!To create a version of your own, use KRYLON Gold spray paint and give your shells a hefty coat or two of paint.  P.S.- Always spray outside!  After shells are dry, use a glue gun to adhere onto a foam, felt, or heavy fabric backing.  Create a pattern to your liking that suits your style.  Embellish with pearls and/or beads for extra details -attaching with glue.  Use sharp scissors to cut around the outline of the necklace, leaving room on the ends to fold under, creating a loop.  Glue the ends of material down (to create the loop)and thread the ribbon or tulle through.  Knot it off, trim it, and you are ready to glide along in a gilded statement necklace- it’s a shore thing!

Flower power is in full bloom!  It’s a known fact that fresh flowers will enhance your mood and style.  Bringing sunshine into your life with beautiful botanicals is a must do this season.  Since POLYVORE and I agreed that flowers are a clear front-runner for SS11, we challenged people to create original sets that ooze of spring flower fashion.  Check out the winning spring flower sets HERE!  P.S.- Each set is featured in the inspiration collage above that helped dream up the flower DIY earrings. Congrats to the winners!  To create your earrings, reach for SEED PACKETS that don your favorite flowers.  Cut out the flowers to create your desired shape and size.  P.S.- Save the seeds and plant them in your garden!  Using MOD PODGE and a foam brush, paint the paper to fabric.  I suggest painting a thin layer on the bottom before placing down on the fabric to adhere better.  Once completely dry, trim the fabric backing to match up with the front pattern.  Using your trusty glue gun, attach an earring back (Clips-on’s are totally cool again), and add a dazzlin’ gem on the front for a bit ‘o bling!  Voila- you’re a blossoming beauty!

Raise your hand if you’re fascinated by the Royal’s fascinators? ME!  The decorative headpieces are adorned and adored by the misses of monarchies including the Royal Wedding’s star: Princess Kate Middleton.  The stunning beauty frequently dons elegant hair adornments, which the rest of the world is now taking to.Be the Queen of Chic, and rule your court by creating a feather fascinator of your own.  Twist sinamay trim with loops and swirls, while holding together as you go.  Anyway you twist and turn it looks amazing.  You can’t mess it up!  Use a needle and thread (be sure you double your thread) to bind the sinamay together.  Stitch in and out till the base is secure and knot.  Place small amounts of glue onto the base of the feather trim, and place inside at the bottom of the fascinator so you can’t see the bottoms.  Add as much or as little as you’d like.  Glue a feather patch for a more dramatic effect.  Flip over to the bottom an glue your hair comb onto the base (or use a headband).  If its not sitting flat, or is a bit messy, glue a piece of felt or fabric to give it a more finished and clean look.  Hold your hair comb till it dries completely, and you are ready for royalty!  P.S.- All accouterments are available at M&J Trim.

Welcome to Stripe City: The global destination for horizontal, linear, and colorful eye-candy.  This perfect storm combines unexpected and breezy bold stripes with the hues we are seeing all over the runways.  Prada is clearly the front runner with their SS11 collections.  Prada’s designs use a bevy of bold colors donned on dresses, handbags, and shoes.  Their palette of bright orange, pink, black and white is flawless.  My good friend, style innovator, Andrew Mukamal, and I dreamed up the ultimate ipad clutch inspired by this seasons must have color combo.  It’s perfect for our on-the-go adventures and also works as a non-tech accessories, to tote around town.To create a version of your own, reach for a durable kitchen drawn liner, heavy duty, colorful tapes (Duck, Gorilla, and Gaffers are my favorites), Velcro and scissors.  Measure (by wrapping your ipad around), and cut to size.  Fold bottom half up, and tape all around to seal and secure.  Continue to tape and smooth away any lumps and air bubbles. Stick pieces of velcro as the clasp and your clutch is complete!  Get creative with your patterns and colors.  Yell it from your pipes: I love STRIPES!

Muitas fotos né? E olha que selecionei pouquíssimas dentre as milhares de coisas que tem lá, dá uma passadinha,ok!

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